Kaizen #3: Daily Upgrade Packages on Arch

May 02, 2020

Rolling Learning

One of the reasons I switched to Arch was to force myself to learn more about Linux. Another creed is to keep everything as minimal as possible, so it’s a goal to keep my arch installation as clean as possible on the least number of packages necessary. As always, everything within reasonable limits regarding time and effort.

A daily yay -Syu is easy and quick. It allows me to actually read all the package names and rather often, some of the things below happen:

  • A certain package stirs some interest and I lookup the package name and learn what it does
  • Over time, I get a feeling what packages are maintained or developed actively
  • I’m more aware of why an error might have occurred because I saw a related package been updated recently
  • It allows me to pinpoint a problem easier because not that many packages are updated when done on a daily basis
  • I detect packages that I don’t use anymore and can uninstall them