Easter 2020

April 12, 2020

Easter 2020 in the Time of the Corona Virus

It’s a very special and weird time. Today, I went for a walk. I couldn’t go for a run because I still suffer from sore muscles from the day before yesterday. I picked up running again after a long time. It’s a quite apocalyptic atmosphere here in Munich. There are almost no people on the streets since we are still in lockdown because of the coronavirus.

So like a lot of others, I work from home. I’m very grateful that my current main activities require just a computer and internet connection. That allows me to admit that I for myself kind of like the situation because I can focus on my tasks without external distractions.

I currently work on a project that requires mobile development (I really enjoy Flutter) and on some other projects which I don’t know yet how they will unfold.

One of the main tasks I always pushed back and now has finally got some attention is the re-organization of my workflows with Emacs and Org mode. At the same time, I take the quiet times and the lockdown as an oppurtunity to review my long-term goals, my areas of interest and how to ensure that I’m executing on actionable tasks as much as possible.

I need to break down my article topics into smaller chunks. Otherwise, I’m overwhelmed by the task at hand to write a huge article like the one I started 4 weeks ago.

I will write articles like the current one to prevent gaps that get too long between two article posts, but I also want to publish more (short) articles documenting how I do things regarding my workflow and my “tools” like my Thinkpads, Linux, Emacs etc.