Google Chromecast 3rd Generation

April 16, 2020


I bought this streaming device online via MediaMarkt Germany since the current price of EUR 29.00 seemed to be quite attractive. Coming from South Korea, I first had to get used to the fact that delivery takes here almost a week but well, it’s Coronatime and Easter weekend was in between, so no grudge here.

I was rather surprised about the small size of the device after I took it out of the box. Installation was a breeze, plugging it in the HDMI port of the TV on one side and connect the other side with the power supply. A little bit annoying that it requires a separate power supply but I guess the HDMI port is not designed to also provide power.

The Google Home app was already installed by default on my Google Pixel 3a, so no hassle here. Updating the app, connecting it via local WLAN, and setting up the connection was quite easy.

The connection of my girlfriend’s iPad was also quite easy after downloading the Google Home app from the App store. I had to grant access to the Chromecast via an invitation from my Google Home app and somehow, the iPad was then connected with my Youtube account. Strange but not further a problem in our household. You might want to look at that in more detail if this behavior is not desired.

Switching from one device to the other requires a “Stop streaming” from the Google Home app, but works without any hiccups.

It’s really nice to experience Youtube videos on the larger screen and from the sofa with another posture than I would have watching videos on the Smartphone. It feels relaxed in a different way. Same of course for Netflix.

One thing that doesn’t work is choosing different playback speeds of Youtube videos. So mainly for watching Techtalks which I watch at double speed most of the time, I will still need them to watch on the phone.

I hope this new setup will also help me to watch less videos in bed before sleeping. So overall, I’m very happy with the new gadget. Highly recommended.