Grant Permission on Programs installed in the /opt Folder

March 10, 2020

Some Programs get installed in the /opt Folder

I don’t know (yet) why some packages installed with yay end up being in the /opt folder rather than the /usr/bin folder. So far, I have flutter, android-studio and dropbox here.

Permission Denied

In some situations like trying to update the Flutter SDK with flutter upgrade, I got a permission denied error. Usually, I repeat the command with sudo !! (the double exclamation mark appends the previous entered command to sudo), but in the case of the Flutter upgrade, it will not allow it or at least advise against it.

Set User Permission Rights to Folders

My solution to this issue (maybe there are better solutions) for the moment is setting permission rights for the current user I’m logged in with for these folders:

sudo chown -R $USER /opt/flutter