My Ode to Thinkpads (and Linux) - Part 2

June 03, 2020

My Thinkpad addiction started with a T420 and since I was too lazy to always carry the laptop between my apartment and the office I wanted very soon a second one, which was a X220. Everything worked the same like on the T420. The only drawbacks were the lack of USB 3 and sometimes I wished I had a little bit a quicker processor and more RAM because some of the development tools were a little bit laggy.

In 2018, I went to a tech conference in Hong Kong with my startup at that time and I brought both of my Thinkpads with me to be safe and have enough support to setup, run and maybe debug the robot prototypes we brought with us for the conference. One week later, I left Hong Kong back to Seoul and I had four Thinkpads in my luggage.

In Hong Kong, I’ve heard about the New Golden Market, an area with a lot of second-hand computer shops and I couldn’t resist to purchase two Thinkpads in pristine condition—a X230 and a T430s. Both are equipped with 16 GB of RAM and 500 GB SSDs.

To this date, they are my daily drivers, both running Arch Linux and dwm window manager and the only thing that is missing to perfection is an upgrade to IPS screen panels. I even don’t miss the old 7-row keyboards, I’m happy with the new ones. As an Emacs user with default key bindings, the keyboard layout is even better for me.