Kaizen #4: Switched from st Terminal to termite

October 31, 2020

Too Much Hassle With st Terminal

While I love the philosophy and I’m very happy with dwm as my window manager, it’s not the same with the st terminal.

I patched my st terminal to enable scrollback (it’s more like page up and down) and keyboard-based select and copy text from the terminal which worked okayish, but lately I ran more often into situations where I wanted to select text from mulitple continuous screens. But as soon I was in select mode, I was not able to change the pages anymore.

Realizing that I now would need to research and patch my st installation for such a basic functionality and knowing that this feature comes out of the box with other terminal emulations, I reverted back to termite.

Scrollback and selecting/copying text works without any hiccups. There’s one thing though I need to fix (later): Somehow, dwm shows “broken” as a window title for termite.

Update: Fix missing window title

The utility xprop showed me that the WM_NAME is empty when I open a termite window on my computer. termite --title="termite" opens the terminal with the specified title, so I just had to change this in the dwm config file and after compiling dwm I now have a proper window title.

static const char *termcmd[] = { "termite", "--title=termite" };